YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing Are You Missing Something Big?

YouTube Video Marketing, what’s the deal? Why in the world should you care? For one, you’re busy doing (pick one, or two, or …) article marketing, Facebook marketing, telephone marketing, Twitter marketing, etc., and two, it will be a cold day in heck when you decide to step in front of a video camera.

YouTube Video Marketing – Can you afford to miss this?

Well hold on to your hat, here are just a few reasons why you want to be doing YouTube Video Marketing.

YouTube is the number 1 source of online entertainment with 90 Million visitors a month.

YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine.

YouTube is 3rd for global traffic (4th in the US).

“Interneters” spend 63% of their time online, watching Videos (Facebook only gets 20%).

Oh, and did I mention YouTube is owned by Google?

YouTube Video Marketing – Getting in the Game

So, I hope you still have your hat and have come to realize that your marketing effort should include some video. To that end here are 10 ways to get more YouTube video views.

1.Choose Relevant Keyword Titles, Descriptions,and Tags. Another key…High Impact Title Claims. As opposed to Justin Bieber Video, say Shocking Justin Bieber Video, or Leaked Video – Justin Bieber Secret.

2.If you can, associate a Viral Video Topic to what you are marketing. Great Viral Video Topic Include: Comedy, Shocking, Cute, Sexy, Sport Plays, Satire, etc. Some examples of Popular Viral Videos (check out the number of views):

3.Take High Impact Thumbnail images. YouTube takes a thumbnail at the “half way” marker and gives you 3 options fro thumbnail in your Edit options. For maximum impact, try to work it that you are starting or ending your video with an image that best represents your video topic or keyword.

4.Actively Add a Ton of friends, which should in turn get you a ton of Views. Typically, when people receive a “Friend” request they will normally click on your user channel. This is a perfect opportunity to get a view of your video. Additionally, after they accept your friend request, you can share a video with them to their inbox… which will help to skyrocket your views.

5.Like Facebook and Twitter you must also build Relationships/Subscribers in the YouTube Social Community. Youtube has become an entire social network of friends and subscribers…in other words a marketing machine. Friends help make their friends videos go viral and get more views. This is a great way to put your business in front of Millions for FREE.

6.Create multiple YouTube accounts and channels, then upload multiple copies of the same Video to your different YouTube accounts. This can be done by doing the following:
-Slightly changing the length of the video (add a clip or image)
-Changing the File Name of the video (keep it related to your keyword or topic)
-Changing the Tags of the video (keep it related to your keyword or topic)
-Changing the Title/Description of the video (keep it related to your keyword or topic)
-Use an IP Proxy if you are worried about being discovered.

7. As an add on to number 6, you should also self-promote your videos. You can do this by logging on to your various accounts and visit your videos from other accounts; click the “Thumbs Up” Button, Add Video to Player List, Click the Share Button and Post to Web 2.0 Sites, Create Hubpages (WordPress, Squidoo, Blogger, etc) and Embed video on the site, Embed video oy your Twitter Account and Tweet it, on Facebook, on Other Social sites.

8. Create video responses to the most viewed videos in your niche. Create a short video, upload to Youtube and post it as a response. Viewers, when visting the page, will see your video response and watch it. If necessary, you can offer the video owner a small sum of money to post your video response.
When that happens, your video response will be right under the video that is getting a ton of traffic. Bingo, you are then literally siphoning Youtube traffic from these most viewed Videos.

9. Put your video in “Most Viewed” Suggestions/Related Video Section. With this process you will need to find the “Most Viewed” and then:
-Study the video tags and copy them
-copy the title and slightly change it
-Copy the description and slightly change it (Do NOT copy word for word)
-Create a related video and siphon traffic.

10. Increase Views with Email Marketing. Embed your YouTube videos in your emails to your lists (make sure you select AutoStart). Ask your List subscribers to make your YouTube video viral by Social Bookmarking it, and clicking on “Thumbs Up” button.

So there you have it, Ten Top Methods to get more views on your YouTube videos.

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I hope you enjoyed this YouTube Video Marketing blog.

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To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

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