5 Secret Strategies Necessary for MLM Success Pt 1/5

MLM Success

Follow these Secret Strategies and it won't be long

This is going to be pretty straight to the point about MLM Success. I am going to break this down into 5 parts to make the reading of these a little easier. So here we go…

Many folks who get into Network Marketing or MLM are thinking they have hit the lottery. They think that the guy (or gal) who was able to quit their job in 60 to 90 days is not much different than them and that kind of “happening” is pretty common.

Well, you are coming to find out that is not really the case. It is possible but it takes a little more than forking over some plastic, getting a website, and practicing your check writing autograph. To that end you (we) need to realize that there are skills that need to be learned and the sooner you learn them and apply them, the sooner the bills and job go away.

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MLM Success Secret #1 – Million Dollar Mindset

You need to figure out the skills you have, the skills you need, and practice them along with these

  1. You need to dedicate yourself to Mastering those skills.
  2. Understand there are no Good or Bad experiences, just LEARNING experiences
  3. Set proper expectations, 60 to 90 days not real rational. MLM success will most likely follow this progression:
    • 1 year to get good at the skils,
    • 3 years to replace your job income,
    • 5 years to become a “Heavy Hitter”
    • 7 years to become a true MLM Success Master
    • Note: And a little explanation, folks like the famous Micheal Masterson (“Automatic Wealth”, “Ready, Fire, Aim”) have noted that it takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill set. So you figure 4 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 7 years…10220 hours (4 x 365 = 1460 x 7 = 10220).
  4. Learn to employ yourself, you need to be accountable to yourself, if you are going to write an Article, call on the phone for an hour, you need to do it (and do it consistently)
  5. Learn to respect the Laws of Attraction. You can not get to where you are going if the folks you hang around don’t want to go there. Harsh but true, please don’t be yet another person that fails at gaining MLM Success trying to prove that law doesn’t apply to them.
  6. See the Future and see it bright and blazing and happening. You need to become a Visionary. You need to do this to make it. You need see where you are going, knowing that being reasonable, that your days of fitting into other people’s expectations of what your life should be are over.
  7. Grow Personally Constantly. (There’s that old bug-a-boo). To be real honest, how do you intelligently do something you don’t know how to do? If you are smart, you ask and/or you read the right person (can you say upline or Mentor) the right books, listen to tapes/CD/Pod casts. You use your adherence to the Law of Attraction by getting to events where like minded MLM Success oriented people are gathering.

MLM Success…continued

These items are the key. The rest of the 5 Secrets for MLM Success are more tool and skill oriented.

This first one is most likely the hardest to get. They do say that 6 inches between your ears is the longest to cross. Because when you think about it can you imagine the power that will come over your body when you realize and believe down to your very toes that you speak the truth when you say

“I Cannot Be Stopped”

MLM Success, then just becomes a matter of applying the tools I will talk about in Part 2 of this 5 part series.

Do you want to jump start your Mastery of these 5 Secret Strategies for MLM Success? Shorten the Learning Curve? Do you want to Transform Yourself into a Lethal Prospecting, Recruiting and Sponsoring Machine? CLICK HERE for a free 68 minute webinar that pulls back the covers.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

Hunter’s MLM Playbook

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of 5, 5 Secret Strategies for MLM Success.

AliveMax Scam

AliveMax Scam Does 82% Drop in Popularity Mean Something is Up?

Are we in the death throes of AliveMax due to an AliveMax scam? Is the latest business opportunity that got you all excited about your future nothing but a fraud? Is there a reason to write off three successful years to an AliveMax scam?

AliveMax Scam, something brewing with an 82% drop in Popularity?

Firstly, let me say this, No to all three questions. Secondly, you are doing the right thing to check out a business. Thirdly, you need to read this article to learn what you will need to do to be a successful AliveMax distributor.

For 10 Proven Prospecting Tips – Get Endless Leads For Your AliveMax Business

AliveMax Scam – Not so Fast

AliveMax was started in 2009 by Nauder Khazan. According to, Nauder Khazan has over 20 years experience as a distributor in the Network Marketing industry. Along with his wife, Melissa, they have been top income earners in several different programs. This is good for the distributor force because it always helps to have someone who is familiar with what it is like in the trenches.

The one thing I did find in my research is that Nauder is involved with another MLM, that launched in August of 2011 (they have the same address). It is apparently an online marketing tools and systems offering. I am not reviewing here and my only cause of concern would be if getting this company up and running might take away some of his focus on AliveMax. But this is not any kind of red flag that shouLd have you running out of the house screaming “AliveMax Scam, AliveMax scam”.

AliveMax Scam, with this Product line?

AliveMax is in the Health and Nutrition industry and its key selling point delivering its products by an oral spray. The concept it’s research has found is that 98% of the nutrients will be absorbed with the oral spray application. There are currently four varieties, a multivitamin, a vitality, a dietary, and an anti-aging oral spray. The anti-aging spray uses RESVERATROL, an all-natural compound found commonly in grapes, that has been the subject of over 2,000 research publications.

AliveMax also has two Skin care products, Face Lift Masque and 24K Gold Anti-Aging Serum. Both of these products use Aloe Vera.

AliveMax Scam, with this kind of Money?

AliveMax has 7 possible income streams. A Welcome Bonus (recruiting related), Retail Bonuses (retail related), Fast Start Bonuses (recruiting/retail related), Bulk Order Bonus (recruiting related), Dual Team Builing Cycle Bonus (recruiting related), Matching Bonus (recruiting related), and Leadership Pools (recruiting related). All seven of these potential income streams are typical of many MLM or Network Marketing companies, so ther is no AliveMax scam when it comes to the compensation plans.

AliveMax Scam, with this kind of Business Potential?

The figure that may get some folks worried about the possibility of an AliveMax scam is the recent (October 2011, latest month of figures) large 82.59 percent drop in online inquiries on AliveMax as tracked by and Both websites are MLM and Network Marketing industry tracking websites.

This could seem very large however, if you go to the sites you will see that interest in AliveMax for the previous two months was enormous. With the drop, AliveMax is now ranked 348 out of 685 home businesses actively tracked in their database.

From an Internet interest viewpoint (and my own research) AliveMax is being searched for 3,600 times a month, Resveratrol 90,500 times, and Aloe Vera 246,000 times. This would indicate a good interest in both the company and the ingredients/products the company offers.

AliveMax Scam, with this kind of Plan?

So there you have it, the company sounds fine, has in demand products, and has a good compensation plan. But there is one catch with the money. If you look back, pretty much every big income stream, long term income stream, and residual income stream was related to recruiting.

There is no doubt, with the current internet traffic for product related searches, you could create and generate a very good retail business, but if I am not wrong about you, you are looking for the big, long term, and residual income streams. The say good-bye to the boss income streams.

To do that you are going to need a steady stream of prospects.

Two common mistakes of network marketers is the belief that the products are so fantastic they will sell themselves and that friends, family, and strangers on the street will be as enthusiastic about both the product and opportunity as them.

If you’re involved with AliveMax, or if you’re considering becoming involved with AliveMax to make a few bucks on the side or because you have a passion for healthy living or the other AliveMax products great!

However if you’re getting involved with this company to make a full time substantial income in network marketing or direct sales you must understand principles of marketing and attraction. And you must recruit BUSINESS BUILDERS and serious entrepreneurs NOT just product customers.

What if I could show you how to create a steady stream of ambitious people (like yourself) actually chasing you down, asking you for your time, asking to join YOUR organization?

If you really want to be profitable in AliveMax, you’ll need to fully grasp how to CRUSH On-line lead generation. Have a look at the online marketing system I use to get 15-29 FREE leads on a daily basis PLUS earn money from individuals who don’t enroll in my primary business.

I hope you enjoyed this AliveMax scam investigation.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

Hunter’s MLM Playbook

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My Shopping Genie Scam or Your Wishes Come True?

My Shopping Genie Scam

My Shopping Genie Scam or Magic about to Happen?

My Shopping Genie Scam or Your Wishes Come True?

It’s exciting isn’t it? Seemingly, out of nowhere, an opportunity to save and make money at the same time comes your way. The idea is intriguing to you, you can see its value, and the possible income boost, well, let’s not get too excited right?

The only kicker is, you may have to fork over some money and you certainly don’t want to lose it, much less look like fool if that should happen. Well congrats, you’ve taken a great first step to make sure that won’t happen…let’s look under the covers of this supposed My Shopping Genie Scam.

My Shopping Genie – The Concept

My Shopping Genie is a free internet-based price comparison application distributed by MyNet Universe which is now part of AgoraDyne, Inc. AgoraDyne’s international headquarters is located in Creve Coeur, MO, part of the St. Louis metropolitan area. AgoraDyne was incorporated in 2011. MyNet Universe was started in 2008. The free software promises to help shoppers search all over the internet to find the best deals and lowest prices available for hundreds of thousands of products and services.

As a bonus to security minded potential distributors and customers, the MyShoppingGenie app is certified to be adware and spyware free. It also does not keep shopping metrics on your buying habits and does not pass along your personal information. or your shopping trends.

My Shopping Genie Scam – Is it with the Money?

The My Shopping Genie has three levels of participation and cash outlay.

Registered Representative (RR) – Annual enrollment fee of USD $19. Does not allow for the distribution of free Web Apps. Basically takes advantages of discounts.

Independent Genie Distributor (IGD) – USD $189 with no annual fee for the Genie System. The IGD can distribute unlimited free Web Apps and may earn Affiliate Commissions.

Registered Genie Distributor (RGD) – USD $189 with no annual fee for the Genie System along with a one-time enrollment fee of USD $10 for a total of USD $199. The RGD can distribute unlimited free Web Apps and may qualify to earn commissions and bonuses with all aspects of the MyNet Universe / MyShopping Genie Compensation Plan.

As an IGD or RGD distributor when you give away the app and it is used you can earn an average of USD $3. There is no guarantee of the USD $3 but the distributor earns from a varied combination of PPC, pay-per-sale, and pay-per-offer income. The key to this aspect of the business is your customers will really have to use the MyShoppingGenie app for any of those commissions to be realized.

The next ways to make money are probably the one’s that got you seeing the Magical Genie coming out of the lamp, the income derived when you sponsor and recruit new MyNet Universe distributors. To this end, the company pays $100 every time two new distributors are referred by you, plus a residual of $10 per month for active team members stay (and continue to pay the $29.95 monthly licensing fee). The various aspects of the plan have been classified as a 3 by 5 Matrix.

My Shopping Genie Scam – Put those Fears to Rest

The My Shopping Genie scams are bogus. This is an interesting approach to cash in on the Shopping Discount niche that has seen companies like Groupon explode in popularity and income. But it is an network marketing business, not a viral computer virus that will automatically put the My Shopping Genie on everyone’s computer and “magically” make everyone use it to buy everything.

The catch is, and you knew there was one, is that it is a network marketing business. And as a network marketing business, you the distributor will have to go out there and make it happen.

Your sponsor may be telling you, just talk to your friends, family, and neighbors but what do you do when you get to the “end of the street”?

How do you cross the street and bring that magical Genie to folks you don’t know and bring you to the income levels you’ve always wished for? This is the root cause of the “My Shopping Genie Scam” claims, the folks who went into this business without a plan to cross the steet.

My Shopping Genie Scam – Don’t contribute to the rumors

You should be excited about the My Shopping Genie opportunity, you should also know, that with a good plan, you can get to the end of the street and across the street faster than you ever thought possible with a clear plan and idea on how to generate an endless supply of motivated folks chasing you down to do what you are doing.

For a proven step-by-step system that will help you generate these leads and daily traffic to you business, take a look at My Lead System Pro. Not only do they offer tried and true systems they offer all kinds of Marketing training for Online and Offline campaigns.

I hope you enjoyed this My Shopping Genie Scam investigation.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

Hunter’s MLM Playbook

(Rob Fore thanks for the next idea! :))

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YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing Are You Missing Something Big?

YouTube Video Marketing, what’s the deal? Why in the world should you care? For one, you’re busy doing (pick one, or two, or …) article marketing, Facebook marketing, telephone marketing, Twitter marketing, etc., and two, it will be a cold day in heck when you decide to step in front of a video camera.

YouTube Video Marketing – Can you afford to miss this?

Well hold on to your hat, here are just a few reasons why you want to be doing YouTube Video Marketing.

YouTube is the number 1 source of online entertainment with 90 Million visitors a month.

YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine.

YouTube is 3rd for global traffic (4th in the US).

“Interneters” spend 63% of their time online, watching Videos (Facebook only gets 20%).

Oh, and did I mention YouTube is owned by Google?

YouTube Video Marketing – Getting in the Game

So, I hope you still have your hat and have come to realize that your marketing effort should include some video. To that end here are 10 ways to get more YouTube video views.

1.Choose Relevant Keyword Titles, Descriptions,and Tags. Another key…High Impact Title Claims. As opposed to Justin Bieber Video, say Shocking Justin Bieber Video, or Leaked Video – Justin Bieber Secret.

2.If you can, associate a Viral Video Topic to what you are marketing. Great Viral Video Topic Include: Comedy, Shocking, Cute, Sexy, Sport Plays, Satire, etc. Some examples of Popular Viral Videos (check out the number of views):

3.Take High Impact Thumbnail images. YouTube takes a thumbnail at the “half way” marker and gives you 3 options fro thumbnail in your Edit options. For maximum impact, try to work it that you are starting or ending your video with an image that best represents your video topic or keyword.

4.Actively Add a Ton of friends, which should in turn get you a ton of Views. Typically, when people receive a “Friend” request they will normally click on your user channel. This is a perfect opportunity to get a view of your video. Additionally, after they accept your friend request, you can share a video with them to their inbox… which will help to skyrocket your views.

5.Like Facebook and Twitter you must also build Relationships/Subscribers in the YouTube Social Community. Youtube has become an entire social network of friends and subscribers…in other words a marketing machine. Friends help make their friends videos go viral and get more views. This is a great way to put your business in front of Millions for FREE.

6.Create multiple YouTube accounts and channels, then upload multiple copies of the same Video to your different YouTube accounts. This can be done by doing the following:
-Slightly changing the length of the video (add a clip or image)
-Changing the File Name of the video (keep it related to your keyword or topic)
-Changing the Tags of the video (keep it related to your keyword or topic)
-Changing the Title/Description of the video (keep it related to your keyword or topic)
-Use an IP Proxy if you are worried about being discovered.

7. As an add on to number 6, you should also self-promote your videos. You can do this by logging on to your various accounts and visit your videos from other accounts; click the “Thumbs Up” Button, Add Video to Player List, Click the Share Button and Post to Web 2.0 Sites, Create Hubpages (WordPress, Squidoo, Blogger, etc) and Embed video on the site, Embed video oy your Twitter Account and Tweet it, on Facebook, on Other Social sites.

8. Create video responses to the most viewed videos in your niche. Create a short video, upload to Youtube and post it as a response. Viewers, when visting the page, will see your video response and watch it. If necessary, you can offer the video owner a small sum of money to post your video response.
When that happens, your video response will be right under the video that is getting a ton of traffic. Bingo, you are then literally siphoning Youtube traffic from these most viewed Videos.

9. Put your video in “Most Viewed” Suggestions/Related Video Section. With this process you will need to find the “Most Viewed” and then:
-Study the video tags and copy them
-copy the title and slightly change it
-Copy the description and slightly change it (Do NOT copy word for word)
-Create a related video and siphon traffic.

10. Increase Views with Email Marketing. Embed your YouTube videos in your emails to your lists (make sure you select AutoStart). Ask your List subscribers to make your YouTube video viral by Social Bookmarking it, and clicking on “Thumbs Up” button.

So there you have it, Ten Top Methods to get more views on your YouTube videos.

If you understand that the IMMENSENESS of the YouTube market is JUST beginning to be understood,…that there is a fortune in Leads and Money awaiting anyone who jumps into this YouTube market…
for an IMMEDIATE FREE Webinar that uncovers this untapped fortune.

I hope you enjoyed this YouTube Video Marketing blog.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

Hunter’s MLM Playbook

For a previous article that will help with your YouTube Video Marketing, please check out How To MLM – Juice your MLM Video Rankings in Google

ARIIX Review Is the Celebrity Parade Hiding Something?

Ariix Review

Ariix Review High Powered Personalities Joining Ariix

Thanks for looking at this Ariix review, and…WOW, you must be excited! MLM legend Tim Sales comes out of “retirement” and Robert Allen of “Nothing Down” fame joins as well? You only have a couple steps left…Congratulations, you are taking the correct next step…Checking it out on your own.

Ariix Review – Celebrity Parade or Smoke Screen?

I do not want to cast dispersions on Tim Sales, Robert Allen, or any of the excellent folks at Ariix, but being blinded by the stars associated with a new MLM and not looking at the fundamentals and asking questions like, what is ARIIX really selling, how is the comp plan setup, is Ariix a scam? has lead many folks to lose their money, time, and reputation.

I am an unbiased third party reviewer and I must say that the tone of the first couple of sentences may seem harsh as I have used Tim Sales products, and I have read Robert Allen’s books (I even jogged with him at a Real Estate Seminar many years ago) and there is nothing I have found or witnessed that would suggest that both men are not of the highest caliber when it comes to business. So, at face value, having Tim and Robert involved almost guarantees there is no Ariix scam.

However, there are still the building blocks of the company you need to get a little insight into, so please allow me to review this company with you and input some of my insights from doing my research as well.

Ariix Review – Should the Short History be a concern?

Ariix was founded in July of 2011 in Bountiful, Utah, making it an extremely young company. They’re a company marketing nutritional and dietary supplement products. So it is important to understand that this “ground floor opportunity” as it may have been billed to you will not have the earnings track record that a more established MLM or Network Marketing company will have. And in situations like that you need to look at the founders and industry a little harder.

Again, not to cast dispersions, but big celebrity “pre-launches” and “ground floor opportunities” are not immune to going belly up if the folks who started the company have no idea what they are doing or the industry is not growing. The thing we need to weigh here, is that traditionally the “ground floor” is the riskiest floor but it also has the potential to be the wealthiest floor.

Ariix Review – Experienced Leadership

Looking at the leadership of Ariix, it could almost be called a spin off of Usana Sciences (a MLM leader in vitamin supplement products), as several members of the Ariix Leadership are former executives an Usana.

The CEO of Ariix is Dr. Fred Cooper who was also the former President of Usana. He spent 13 years at Usana rising through the ranks.

The CFO is Fred Yates, who brings 24 years of financial leadership, having been CFO of both Usana and Franklin Covey during those years.

The President is Mark Wilson who is a lifelong entrepreneur and has been creating successful direct sells businesses since the age of just 20. He, too, worked at Usana as the V.P. of Sales.

Two of the other significant contributors to the Ariix effort are Dr. Ray Strand (a former doctor for USANA), and Tim Sales, who I mentioned previously and carries a lot of respect and admiration within the MLM/Network Marketing industry.

So, unless these guys are going to do a total about face on their reputations and previous work accomplishments, the Leadership aspect of the company seems very capable.

Ariix Review – Can the industry absorb yet another…

The Health and Wellness business is a trillion dollar Industry. It is certainly big enough. The key to Ariix’s future success may be in the niche they are apparently trying to target, Baby Boomers. Now the thing about Baby Boomers is they want the best and they want it now.

The Ariix Nutritional products are FDA approved, NSF and OTC Certified, and they can be ordered online. (Baby Boomers still have to wait for shipping). So Ariix looks to have this taken care of.

In the months to come, Ariix is also planning on announcing new lines of non-toxic, environmentally friendly household cleaners, personal care products, baby care products and pet care products. So yet another plus is they are continuing to expand the product pipeline.

Ariix Review – Market Response

What you may not be aware of is how the market is reacting to Ariix. To let you know, there are MLM and Network Marketing Industry tracking websites. A couple of these and track how various MLM companies are doing against other companies as well as gather month-to-month metrics.

Ariix has been doing spectacularly, these last few months. has Ariix ranked at 150 of 682 in their index of home businesses actively tracked in our database. And over the last 6 months interest in Ariix has risen 985%. So you definitely have momentum going for you in a big way.

Ariix Review – How do YOU Make it work?

I think it is pretty obvious, granted this Ariix review has shown that Ariix is a very new company, it has also shown Ariix makes up for it in Leadership, and that the industry it targets is huge, the question that now needs to be asked is how are YOU going to pursue the opportunity?

So we are agreed, as a business it can stand on its own.

But how are YOU going to make it work? How are you going to build this business into something that can let you finally tell your boss good bye? Get that relief from the more month than money stress?

What if I could show you how to create a steady stream of ambitious people (like yourself) actually chasing you down, asking you for your time, asking to join YOUR organization?

Would it be worth your name and email address to see how we can do that?

If you really want to be profitable in Ariix, you’ll need to fully grasp how to CRUSH On-line lead generation. Have a look at the online marketing system I use to get 15-29 FREE leads on a daily basis PLUS earn money from individuals who don’t enroll in my primary business.

I hope you enjoyed this Ariix Review.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

Hunter’s MLM Playbook

Bounce RateBounce RateChat with Hunter D Williams

Bounce Rate

Your Bounce Rate You Know It, Now Kill It

So, in the previous two blogs we talked about Bounce Rate what it is and how to Analyze it. Today we are going to talk about killing your Bounce Rate, well maybe just reduce it substancially.

Killing your Bounce Rate

From your Bounce Rate Analysis via CrazyEgg, ClickTale, or LiveBall you should at least be able to see where folks are “looking” and clicking and make the necessary changes to your web site. Some things might be a matter of browser. Remember you may have your favorite, but there are others out there, Firefox, IE, Safari, GoogleChrome. It could be a matter of getting a high Bounce Rate because your site does not show up well in the browser most people use to get to your site. Check your website out in those different browsers.

Reduce Bounce Rate by actively engaging your visitor

With that being said, remember is the thing about Bounce Rate is visitors pop on and pop off too fast for you to begin to develop a relationship with. A way to extend that “do I stay or do I Bounce” decision is to have more “aggressive” interaction with those visitors.

For example, in the upper left hand part of this blog section do you see that ball next to “Chat with Hunter Williams”? If it is green, you can chat with me (I dare you :)). Here are several ways you can catch your visitor and if nothing else gain a little more insight to why folks are contributing to your Bounce Rate.

Reduce Bounce Rate with the following tools

Google Talk – is a free service. You can place a Google Talk badge on your website that shows if you are on line (the ball turns green). A quick panic reducer here, when you sign up for Google Talk you need to use a Gmail account and when you have signed into that Gmail account and have it active, you show up as available. Sign out of the Gmail account the green ball goes. The link to Google Talk is Here.

This is an interesting way to engage a visitor, remember, they are looking for information, an expert. They were pointed to your “store”, they are looking through the window, not sure if anyone is there, but you put a large button up saying “Press if you need help”. to get direct feedback from web traffic

KISS Insights – triggers a popup window in the footer to get visitor feedback. The creators of KISSmetrics developed this website feedback script that is essentially a popup window in the footer of your website and will allow visitors to tell you what they need. You can also customize your questions. There is a free version available. The link to KISS Insights is here.

Kampyle – this service puts a nicely displayed Feedback “We Listen” Button (or popup) on your website which visitors click and fill out a form. What is neat about the forms is that your visitors are engaged with responses. As the website owner, you are given great analytics and reports of the feedback. There is a free 15 day trial but to use long term the cheapest plan is the $99/month Bronze plan. The link to Kampyle is here.

Ethnio – this service applies javascript code to your website and will engage your visitors and recruit them…to provide feedback about your website. Not join your primary business. (Dang!) The link to Ethnio is here.

Survey Monkey – this is a service to use on existing customers and subscribers to ask for their feedback on your website. There is a free and Pro version available. The link to Survey Monkey is here.

All of these tools should help to engage your visitors, and if nothing else, give them the impression you care about their experience on your web page, (which you do). Now again, this is not an exhaustive list of solutions, but I think you will agree, there a enough actionable items here to get you to taking huge chunks out of your Bounce Rate.

Another fix to your Bounce Rate, is to have a compelling offer that fits with what your MLM or Network Marketing blog are all about. For some of the best free training you can receive and make available to your visitors, click here.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

Hunter’s MLM Playbook

PS. Here is a link to the first Bounce Rate blog Bounce Rate are You Doing Online What You Would Never Do In Person?.
I hope you enjoyed this second blog about Bounce Rate, How to Fix it.

Chat with Hunter D Williams

Bounce Rate

Your Bounce Rate is not knowing it killing your SEO efforts?

We now know what Bounce Rate is and we have taken steps to begin getting some metrics on it. Now part of the Bounce Rate solution process is to use tools to analyze what is happening on your web site. No sense in hunting at night with a blindfold on.

Bounce Rate, Do some fast Analysis

There are several tools you can use, some cost money, some don’t; but because this is an area that has serious implications on the income you can generate from your website, I would rather impart all the information I have and let you make the decision. So here goes…

Bounce Rate do you know where they’re clicking?

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was able to see where folks were clicking and “discover” my site from my visitor’s eyes. In one case I found an optin that had a canceled form. Bingo, fix that and the potential for lowering my Bounce Rate goes up. Some other tools that will help you see some more detailed visitor page experiences are:

Crazy Egg – it costs $9/month but it will provide a heatmap like technology that will show you:

  • Were visitors are clicking on a page. It should be a link but it may not be.
  • Were visitors are spending the most time on your page. This will let you rearrange your page “real estate” so actionable items are where your visitors spend most of their time.
  • What links are being clicked on. This is great if you have not gotten into tagging your web page or creating different links for different parts of your website.
  • The link to Crazy Egg is here.

    Click Tale – it has a free trial period, then starts at $79/month. Click Tale will show you, in real time, the screens of your visitors. A video will be created on how your visitors are behaving on your website. With this info you will be able to see/monitor their mouse behavior, how long they are on your site, and what actions they took. For repeat visitors you can see what and where they are most focused on, how folks interact with any forms or comment boxes or RSS subscribe buttons. The link to Click Tale (Free Trial) is here.

    LiveBall – (sit down, please) LiveBall starts at $1,250/month. Breathe. This service is the premier resource for serious online marketers. This maybe a little overkill if you are using a blog to generate leads for your MLM or Network Marketing business. But as you get bigger (I believe in you), or if you really and truly run your online business via PPC or other paid forms of traffic, this is amazing in reducing your site’s Bounce Rate. LiveBall is really (and if you are at this level, welcome to my blog) for those folks with larger budgets and who are looking for insights on A/B Testing, Lead Generation, Landing Page Optimization and Production, etc. The link to LiveBall is here.

    These are all some excellent choices to help you get a handle on just what is going on, on your website. They kind of go up the scale as far as cost and what they can offer. I hope you can take advantage of some of them.

    Coming up next will be some of the tools you can use things you can do to get your visitor to stay and wander around your site before clicking into your sales funnel.

    To whet your appetite, you see that little box that says Chat with Hunter D Williams? If that ball is green, click it and we can discuss.

    And that leads me to this…

    I was serious, do you have a compelling offer that fits with what your MLM or Network Marketing blog are all about? For some of the best free training you can receive and make available to your visitors, click here.

    Please feel free to leave a comment.

    To your Success,

    Hunter D Williams

    Hunter’s MLM Playbook

    PS. Here is a link to the first Bounce Rate blog Bounce Rate are You Doing Online What You Would Never Do In Person?.
    I hope you enjoyed this second blog about Bounce Rate, How to Fix it.

    Bounce Rate

    Your Bounce Rate is not knowing it killing your SEO efforts?

    Warning! You have a Bounce Rate, and what you don’t know about it could be thwarting all your SEO efforts. Now you may be thinking, Bounce Rate? What the heck is that? Is it some kind of computer virus or worm or Trojan horse? Well it is not one of those, but it could be more damaging to your online business. The worst part is, it is self inflicted.

    Bounce Rate is self inflicted, why would you do that?

    The best part is, it is self inflicted and therefore fixable.

    From Google Analytics Help, “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. Use this metric to measure visit quality – a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site and convert. You can minimize bounce rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services that were promised in the ad copy.”

    In other words, your website is acting like the stereotypical MLM/Network Marketer; lurking in the produce isle at the local supermarket, pouncing on anybody within a three foot circumference, asking the hapless victim if they have a dream and want to make tons of money and save their marriage and…no regard at all for what the person actually wants.

    Bounce Rate is fixable, but you have to know what it is

    We can do some things to fix your Bounce Rate, the first being to find out what it is. So here are the steps to begin to get a handle on your site’s Bounce Rate.

    Create a Google Analytics account and point it towards your website. To do this you must have a gmail account. If you don’t have one, go get one now Sign up for Google Gmail Account. I would suggest trying to get an account with your website in it, for example, This is just a suggestion and if you already have a gmail account you just need to sign up for Google Analytics at You may have to sign into your Gmail account first.

    Bounce Rate and other metrics help your site be better

    Follow the instructions and if you have just started your account, periodically go back to Google Analytics to see if traffic data has been generated. Some of the data gathered will absolutely astound you. A little personal insight, when I first started looking for my Bounce Rate, within the Google Analytics data, there is a page that shows you where people are clicking on your main page.

    One of my page tabs was getting 20% of the clicks but I was not seeing anything (i.e. leads) flow from that page (something you can do with Aweber forms). So I checked out the page and somehow I had canceled the list associated with the form. So I fixed it and now I cut down to 0 the 100% disappointment the 20% of my viewers were experiencing on that page. A better experience, a better feeling about me and what I have to offer…attraction marketing in progress and on track.

    Now on to the Bounce Rate information.

    When you get into your Google Analytics account there should be a Home, Standard Reporting, and Custom Reporting tabs. To get the general Bounce Rate, click on Standard Reporting and when that page presents, on the left hand side there will be a list of choices, click on Content. On the page that presents, Bounce Rate will be listed.

    Do NOT Panic the first time you see your Bounce Rate

    When you see the rate, do not do anything rash. We can lower that rate.

    One way to lower the Bounce Rate rate and increase your leads generated rate is to have compelling offers of free training or a free service. There are other things we will do to get that rate down in subsequent blogs. And until then…

    I was serious, do you have a compelling offer that fits with what your MLM or Network Marketing blog are all about? For some of the best free training you can receive and make available to your visitors, click here.

    Please feel free to leave a comment.

    To your Success,

    Hunter D Williams

    Hunter’s MLM Playbook

    I hope you enjoyed this first blog about Bounce Rate, what it is and how to find it.

    Empower NetworkThe stage was certainly set quite recently to give credence to the nay sayers, the ne’er do wells and the Empower Network Scam mongers. The MLM and Network Marketing industry’s history is littered with mega million dollar, celebrity star sponsored companies suddenly going down the tubes, sucking the money, hopes and dreams of its distributors right down those same tubes.

    Empower Network – Who ARE these Guys?

    Certainly you couldn’t expect too much more from the brainchild of a recovering alcoholic and another guy who was living in a van two years ago and may still only own tee-shirts.

    I mean really, is there any other industry where the search word “Scam” is almost an automatic suffix?

    What happened to Empower Network these last five days (yes it was only five) left it wide open to be crippled and permanently damaged as far as reputation, affiliate loyalty, and market place presence. After absolutely exploding to 10,000 plus affiliates and over $1,000,000 in sales in its first month…

    the Server crashed. BOOM!

    How big was the Server BOOM? In those same 30 odd days, the Empower Network website shot to an Alexa Ranking of 2,610. What does that mean you ask? Out of the 50 Million gajillion websites in the world, there are only 2,609 sites that get more traffic. In 30 days, no less!

    But to 10,000 affiliates pumping traffic to optin pages, and web presentations, putting big money efforts into email campaigns, PPC and other advertizing blitzes, blogging daily, that can be a pretty significant punch in the stomach. A source of a pretty sore subject.

    But it wasn’t.

    Now, I am not saying the affiliate population did not lose money and marketing efforts when their prospects clicked on links that were greeted with 404’s and “We’re Sorry…” pages. They did and that can be a part of the experience in any start-up venture.

    Empower Network – Coming Through

    But, the key, the shining beacon in the sky, was how the Founders, Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood (previously mentioned as a Drunk and Homeless person) responded to the crisis.

    During the last 5 days there have been almost daily U-Stream sessions as the Daves discussed and reviewed what actions were being taken, what and why decisions were being made, explanations as to the impact of what the record breaking growth of the company meant in terms of Tera-bytes, pages viewed per second, and data base structures.

    But for all you folks out there that are thinking this is one of things, one of those things that is too good or going to be one of those flash in the pan kind of things…not worthy of your time or money.

    You, my friend, are sadly mistaken and it is going to cost you a lot of money if you don’t understand what was demonstrated these past few days.

    The reputation of the MLM and Network Marketing industry is probably about as sullied as a reputation could be when it comes to past stories of dishonesty, cheating, in some cases out right theft.

    And in many peoples cases that is one of their biggest fears when they exposed to an opportunity. The fear they are being duped into throwing their money into a black hole, while being fed lies by Snake oil salesmen posing as “visionary Presidents and CEO’s”.

    Empower Network – The Vision

    Through these last 5 days, Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood have felt the pain of their affiliates, empathized with their frustrations, and soothed them with information about the plan to fix the problem, relayed the different efforts being expended to bring a quick and long term solution to that problem, discussed trials and tribulations getting merchant account vendors capable of handling Empower Networks growth.

    But more importantly, they talked about their vision for the company, how they saw the business growing, how they saw the product line growing, and the sales and marketing material improving. All the things that would put money into the pockets of Empower Network affiliates. All the things that would make it easier for an Empower Network affiliate to have a $5,000 to $10,000 a month residual income.

    And to drive home a point here, this future earnings they talked about is not a money coming into the corporate coffers and then going back out to the folks who brought that sales revenue in model. This is a model where the Daves employ their resources to develop products and services to put into a product line that, when sold goes 100% to the person who sold it.

    Empower Network – Do you really want to miss this?

    Friend, you are missing something special in this Empower Network. You are missing the embodiment of your hopes and dreams being something that is in the forefront of the decisions and actions and goals of Empower Network’s totally transparent founders.

    You need to click this link to get involved: Join Empower Network Now.

    To Your Success,

    Hunter Williams

    Hunter’s MLM Playbook

    P.S. For some other thoughts on the Empower Network, click here.

    Please feel free to share and leave a comment about Empower Network!

    Chews4Health Review

    Chews4Health Scam or Rocket about to take off?

    Chews4Health Review Has the Countdown Started?

    With all the conflicting stories about Diets and Health businesses built around nutritional supplements it is understandable that given an opportunity to “do” Chews4Health review you are checking it out. Good for you. What follows is an unbiased, 3rd party Chews4Health Review of the product and business opportunity. If you will allow me, I will also interject some interesting findings of my other research into the company and the MLM/Network Marketing Industry as well.

    Chews4Health – A Scam or Solid Foundation?

    Chews4Health is based in Wilmington, NC and was founded in 2008 by Dr. David Friedman. The company’s mission is to “always live life embracing and pursuing change, recognizing what’s considered “the norm” and rising above those standards.” Dr. Friedman who currently serves as the CEO and President, brings a considerable amount of experience and success in the fields of Nutrition and Education.

    He has an impressive resume, but the point that bodes well for you as a potential distributor and the future of the company, is Dr. Friedman is extremely well versed in Network Marketing. He has built a team of over 800,000 people and earned six figures per week from that effort.

    To further elaborate on the importance of having a “fellow” network marketer at the helm, for those of you being exposed to MLM or Network Marketing for the first time, it is always good to have some one familiar with life in the trenches when determining the impact of corporate decisions in the areas of the product line or the compensation plan.

    Chews4Health – What they bring to the Market Place

    One of the concepts behind the Chews4Health idea is that “You aren’t what you eat, but rather, what you absorb.”, and basically you do this through chewing, the more the better. So as an extension of that mantra, the company currently has offerings in three primary product lines, For Weigh loss, there is Trim U Lean, for energy, stamina, and performance they offer Ignite, and in the overall health and wellness line they offer Chews4Health.

    They all have starting retail price points around $59.95. The price and shipping will vary as you decide to go on auto-ship or increase the size of your order.

    Chews4Health Review of the Compensation Plan, 6 Income Streams.

    1. Retail – the difference between purchasing the product at a wholesale level and selling at a retail price. The product can be sold face to face or from the distributor’s web site. The payouts are made weekly.
    2. Fast Start Bonus – Paid as an Active Distributor for enrolling other Distributors. Payout depends on the amount of PV (Product Volume) attained in a 30 day period. The payouts are made weekly.
    3. Two Infinity Binary Bonus – Another 4% to 12% commission based on both your strong group and weak group further enhanced by your personal monthly PV. The payouts are made weekly.
    4. Matching Bonus – Paid to Qualified Team Member level members. A percentage match of each of your personally enrolled Team Members’ Team Bonus Payouts (again based on your monthly PV). The payouts are made weekly.
    5. Rank Advancement Bonus – Paid one time on achievement of the Team Director level and above. This bonus starts at $250 and goes to $10,000. Paid one time on attainment of the level.
    6. Car Bonus Program – Starts at the Team Executive level and is based on CV. It is a Monthly Bonus.

    An interesting take on the payment is with Chews4Health, all commission qualified Team Members receive a personalized Chews4Health MasterCard/Debit card, and earned commissions are credited directly to the debit card each week.

    Chews4Health – Insight to the Business

    Now all the above is great, but if the business is a passing fad or a flash in the pan, you don’t want to get involved. There are other opportunities out there that have momentum in the market place.

    That is not the case with Chews4Health. Congratulations! you have picked a mover. The following information was found doing research for this article and can be found on

    From Npros previous sample period (a month) the interest in the company increased by 274.14%. The company ranks 136 out of 678 in the home based businesses they index. And from a report they issued on 11/20/2011:

    “Chews 4 Health was ranked this week on the latest MLMRankings “Momentum List” update for the second month in a row. Chews 4 Health also appears in the #2 position on the top popularity gainers, as well as the #2 position for top performers during the last sixth month ranking period.”

    You have some momentum on your side.

    Chews4Health – How do YOU grow it?

    So if in doing your due diligence you were concerned about the possibility of a Chews 4 Health scam or fraud, do not worry. Chews4Health appears to be a solidly run company with a brilliant leader as well as network marketer.

    And therein lies the crux of the matter.

    The growth of YOUR Chews4Health business or what ever online business you decide to pursue will rely heavily on YOUR ability to generate leads.

    Your business will succeed or fail based on your ability to generate a constant flow of targeted leads that either want what you have to sell or want to join you in business.

    Do you have that lead flow system set up?

    Do you know how to? Do you know where it is going to come from?

    Facebook? Google? Twitter? YouTube? Craig’s List?

    If you are, indeed, serious about building a Chews4Health business fast and inexpensively, in any of the above markets, you need to understand how to do properly.

    If you really want to be profitable in Chews4Health, you’ll need to fully grasp on-line lead generation. Have a look at the online attraction marketing system I use to get 15-29 FREE leads on a daily basis PLUS earn money from individuals who don’t enroll in my primary business.

    Allow me to help guide you as I have through this review.

    To your Success,

    Hunter D Williams

    Hunter’s MLM Playbook

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