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Your "Warm Market": Listen to Audio for a New Perspective

Profile of a Champion by George Zalucki


Hello My Friend,

Welcome to this little page of Inspiration.

I hope you can spare the time, this audio is about an hour long, (bookmark it cntrl-D). But this message will get you excited about the venture you are starting (or restarting). It will also change your point of reference when it comes to your idea (mine as well) of imposing, or foisting your current business opportunity on your (dreaded) warm market.

Let me be honest with you about your Warm Market

If you are just starting out, or re-starting, or really, whatever, AND you are trying to do this with out tapping your Warm Market you ARE making the decision to:

    SPEND MORE MONEY, and to be honest again, most likely,

Now, please don’t get me wrong. The various free training I make available to you on this blog will deliver leads and prospects to your doorstep (or website).

But it will take TIME.

Despite all of those claims you have run across on the internet, in 99% of the cases those results were NOT achieved by someone starting from ground zero.

Then, if you want to compress the TIME you will have to spend the MONEY.

There is paid advertising, there are tools and subscriptions and co-ops that will bring those leads to your doorstep quicker but the compression of TIME will be related to the MONEY you spend and even then it will not be guaranteed you will be able to “close the deal”.

Hopefully, I’ve explained this enough that you can see the trade off, and see that doing this business FAST on the Internet, is not going to take two weeks before the leads and sales start rolling in.

My Suggestion…about your Warm Market Approach

But I do suggest this, listen to this Audio at least once. If you hear what I heard, listen to it daily for 30 days*, read my blog on Warm Market Definitions, and make your list and get going.

It may be harder on you but you will compress the time to get money coming in substantially.

If Profile of a Champion has you chomping at the bit to do more, I have found a gentleman by the name of Todd Falcone who is an expert at using the phone.

Todd has a course called Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals that can get you expanding your Warm Market fast with people who do what we need to do for our business for their jobs.

Click here to see what great secrets Todd has to recruiting top notch talent into your business.

*If you enjoyed the audio, here is the link to get if for your own library: George Zalucki Store. This is just a straight link to his store. I’m not getting any affiliate commissions.

To Your Success,

Hunter Williams

The MLM Plan. The Network Marketing blueprint to success. The Holy Grail for your future success. The thing your upline pounds into your head (and that’s POUNDS by the way) is “Show the plan”. “Show the plan”. “Have you shown the plan?”. “Show the plan.”.

And to top it all off, one of your former big problems (we speak our futures into existence on this forum) was getting people to a big meeting or even a one-on-one. Getting people to cut out an hour of their broke lives so you could save them from their silent suffering, was like trying to cut a Redwood down with a butter knife. If it wasn’t the fact that the dang thing needed a projector, laptop, flip chart, portable white board (with several erasers), company sponsored forms, your “special” magic pen…

I’m exhausted! Forget it…

I’ll do it tomorrow when I’m better rested and my head doesn’t hurt so much.

Besides that’s a lot of work to have some one say No. Right? The old “throw mud against the wall”, “It’s not you, it the timing”, “Next!” mentality.

Then there are the facts of the whole thing. The MLM company (almost) always insists there is a recounting of pretty much every explosive second of growth and patented formulas copyright expiration dates, along with testimonials, and the nitty-gritty details of compensation that must, (that’s MUST) be explained.

You will get all that down in a week or two and who knows when your downline will get it? Probably just shy of the next Ice Age.

Now I’m being a little tongue-in-cheek here (never negative)(and that’s NEVER). But all that can seem quite daunting for anyone trying to survive the day-to-day of living and attempting to build a better life for themselves, their family, and anybody who has the guts you do to even think they can do it and join with you. (Way to go by the way. What you are going to accomplish is commendable.)

But that is a lot of time and work.

What if I told you you could cut all that out, condense it down to one, maybe two minutes?

Use no props, save for a business card or a piece of paper for information exchanges.

Does it sound to good to be true?

How about this? How about your warm-market/new acquaintance/cold call asks you to tell them? You are given two minutes, deliver in one and then they close themselves?

That is the Joy of the One Minute MLM/Network Marketing Plan.

It is essentially boiling your Network Marketing company’s presentation down into nothing (yes that’s NOTHING) and discussing with your prospect exactly what their needs are and how you (via your MLM company) have identified their problem and found an actionable way to fix it. For the rest of their lives.

So take a look at your Multi-level Marketing company and ask yourself what need does the product fill? How does that relate to what your prospect is feeling or knows others are feeling? How can they fulfill that need using your company as the tool?

What if I just gave an example?

One Minute MLM/Network Marketing Plan Pt.2


Let me know what you think.

It keeps Your Prospects from Joining You

You may still have it yourself, but that is about to end, NOW! You have hit the motherload of training to absolutely CRUSH the

Number 1 Fear in Network Marketing.

It’s not Sales, that’s a convenient excuse.
It’s not Time, they are BROKE for Pete’s sake.
It’s not Money, they are forking out $200 to $300 a month for cable.

So what is it?

It’s the FEAR of having NO ONE to talk to about the business. And that is more repressive than the Fear of talking to their friends, family, close acquaintances, far acquaintances, 2nd grade acquaintances. And that nut is tough enough to over come.

Imagine, telling your Prospect after the initial buzz of your opportunity has subsided a little bit and they start thinking about the steps to building their business (with your help, of course)…and you can almost see it come over them, the thought “What am I going to do if my bestest friend in the world, the one I gave a kidney to gets in? Who do I talk to next?”

If you’ve been in the business a while, you can see it, it is almost a state change, so you pump them up with the “Oh, you’ll make MILLIONS! (What was their dream? Fast, think, think!)”.

What if you calmly and cooly stood there (very much like the man with a plan) and said, “Have you ever heard of the Internet, or Facebook, or Twitter?” Now suppressing a smile as they look at you with some bewildered, incomprehensible look (a good save on your part, they are no longer thinking about their fears. Man you ARE a good leader) and you say

“Pick your poison, Facebook, Twitter, Internet, Youtube, WHATEVER

(the last one is said kind of bored), I can teach you how to have complete strangers banging down your door to get in YOUR business.”

“In fact, (you confidently tell your prospect), I’ll take care of your ‘Warm Market folks’, show you a thing or two, and you can just start stomping all over the Internet. You will really crush this thing, let’s get started.”

How are you making out? What’s your prospect thinking about you? You are telling him (or her) that you can open up the Internet, the thing that they have heard so many success stories about, and get it working for them, 24/7/365/Restoftheirlives?

Hey! You may even be wanting to know how to do that. In that case…

Pick Your Poison

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The True Reason People Fail In Youngevity

One of the biggest errors men and women make in attempting to work a network marketing home business is imagining they can “retail their way to the top” of the company compensation plan. It can take several years to create big bucks when you just focus on selling the company goods and services. Your aim should be to discover men and woman that really want the exact same freedoms you’d like out of your Youngevity small business. The best way you will find them is if you concentrate on pushing the opportunity more and more. Any time representatives approach their warm market in the incorrect way, these people take a chance on getting rid of friendships plus family relationships. That’s because they don’t really realise what it signifies in order to “invite” anyone to glance at the Youngevity opportunity. For the most part marketers have diarrhea of the mouth and just are clueless when you should cease babbling. You never know precisely why the representative truly does it. I imagine this comes down to not understanding anything at all concerning sales and imagining marketing is about presenting. What ordinarily develops is the potential client flees out of the room yelling! One reason a prospect gets scared is he or she thinks “this is what I’ll have to do to promote this company, and I’ll never remember all that stuff.” Prospects are continually thinking “Can I do this?” By launching to a detailed explanation of Youngevity’s background, the Youngevity products and every detail of the compensation plan, the prospect immediately sees there is a lot of memorization involved. Memorization is hard, and they won’t want to do it! Do you see yourself in this particular picture? You actually can certainly do a little something about it. Simply just have a shot at one different technique. Instead of struggling to reveal almost everything about the actual Youngevity opportunity, ask the prospective business partners to business tools that could present them to the answers. Nearly all company resources can be broken to three kinds: video resources, cell phone resources, as well as imprinted resources. Thus a video program may possibly be a DVD with regards to the small business opportunity. A phone resource could be a sizzle telephone or business summary telephone call. A printed resource could possibly be a periodical, or simply just a business brochure. Youngevity offers these types of items for everyone. A business supplied tool is purely a vehicle intended for enabling the corporation explain itself as opposed to you having to undertake it. Once you transition your efforts from “explaining” to “inviting”, you will notice your results increase substantially. You will find that the process of inviting will actually be easier to do. The trigger point for most people is when someone asks about the business. Usually this is a question like “What business are you in?” That’s when most distributors launch into explanation mode. Instead, you can simply say “it would take me about 15 minutes to describe it, but it’s really 90 percent visual. How about we get together for coffee this week and I’ll share it all with you.” The big bonus to “inviting” is that you prospect sees that there isn’t a lot of explanation involved. All THEY have to do is invite people, too! I’ve always found it best to disarm the prospect at the meeting by saying something like “this may or may not be for you, but you might know someone that would like more information about it. Let’s go through it all, and then I’ll ask you for your impressions, okay?” That might mean simply showing the Youngevity DVD (or web presentation). If you invite the person to a meeting, you simply walk the person into the room and make introductions. If you’re going to use a sizzle call, simply have the person call on his or her own cell phone. (Or better yet, you make the call and pass the phone to the prospect.) Do you really want to take your Youngevity business to a new level? Then focus on inviting instead of explaining. When you keep your invitation short, direct and simple, your process becomes easy to duplicate and your business grows faster. Even though the above technique is a great way to get people to look at your Youngevity business, there’s still the problem that you have to continually prospect and approach people yourself. Just imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to go to networking events or call friends and family to invite them. Imagine what it would be like to have people simply call you ready to join your team. Sounds impossible, right? Well, it can happen when you tap into the power of the internet as a sorting tool for your business. When you can use a general attraction marketing and advertising method, you can begin developing prospects automatically, as well as win over those leads into possible new associates without having the problem of continuous refusal. You may simply take your Youngevity opportunity, mix it with an internet marketing system, and you can actually expand your business to a totally new stage. If you haven’t joined Youngevity yet, you might want to perform some proper due diligence on the certainty for the opportunity. You may have heard that Youngevity is a scam. More than likely, you’ll want to read our unbiased review of Youngevity. You might like what we found. We suggest you read the Youngevity study and review for all the nuggets of information that will help you realize it is not a scam. Cory McHale is an author and speaker who travels extensively to learn all he can about the great profession of network marketing.

Empower NetworkThe Empower Network is now in its 23rd or 24th day of existence and $1,000,000 plus has been paid out to its affiliates.
[flashvideo file= image= /]

Now the founders, Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood, are very proud of that fact. In fact, for the last 3 weeks they have been pretty much listing the amount made by Empower Network affiliates and the total number of affiliates every day. Which now, or at least at the time of the email, stood a 8,324. The real total paid out at the time of the email was $1,000,221.20.

Empower Network Big Money Makers

The email also listed 28 people who had made over $5,000 in the three and a half weeks Empower Network has been alive. Their total take, listed individually in the email, was $318,250 in 21 plus days. Let’s add another $150,000 for both the Daves. This is probably a high estimate but the two of them probably have the most affiliates in their immediate downline. So that is $531,750 of “crumbs” for the other 8294.

Now I am going to get a little general and simplistic here to try an prove a point that can save your business. If you do the math, that comes out to $64.11 of income for all the other affiliates. That is twice the price of the EN Basic Membership of $25. Now I know not everybody has made $25 in Empower Network, and you can figure in all kinds of different earnings by each Empower Network affiliate. But look at it this way, the numbers point to a lot of affiliates breaking even with in 21 days of joining.

Empower Network – Break Even in 21 days?

For the sake of argument, let’s just say that an affiliate breaks even at the EN Basic Membership level in one month. From your experience, other than those rare heavy hitters that get into the business, do you know of any MLM, Network Marketing, or “brick and mortar” business where a large majority of the folks involved can do that? Seriously, do you see where this can lead your business to higher levels?

Empower Network and Higher Levels of Business

Here is the situation, you have your downline that really does not know what they are doing. They are trying to pitch pennies and grow a million dollar business in 90 days and they have you and a lot of faith and hope in what you are “peddling”.

They are afraid to go to their warm market because quite honestly, and in most cases, they either were “snagged” on the internet or that was their first business plan, “I’ll use the Internet to Market this thing”. They are going to get hit with all the terms and technologies that are going to require another learning curve(s) over and above getting fluent in your primary business.

To be honest again, that takes quite a bit of courage and determination. You don’t want to lose people like that.

So you, wise leader suggest they get on into Empower Network and “just” market it along with your primary business. Once again another ruthless, money-grubbing, upline sponsor right? Well, for one, $25 bucks?,seriously? but I digress. In reality you have removed a huge obstacle from their path to making money. $10 domain, $5 hosting, manual installs of Word Press? You did them a favor.

But now they can focus on Marketing. Learning how to market Empower Network or your primary business. Suddenly they are learning about SEO, not SEO Plugins, (okay, I do think they will have to learn about autoresponders), you’ve enabled them to work on the creative side of the business and not have to get bogged down in some of the technical quicksand that can drain their enthusiasm and hope.

Empower Network and Hope

And that’s the real key, hope. If your downline doesn’t get some positive reinforcement, other than your encouragement, at a certain point they will fold up their tent and move on. The Empower Network has a product price point that makes getting that first verification easier. Not to mention, it is a residual income. It’s gonna come next month too.

That first $25 dollar payment dropping into your downline’s bank account, no waiting for a check, no weekly or monthly check cutting schedule. Plop! Right into BackPocket Bank.

That Empower Network $25 direct payment is going to prove to your downline that what you speak of, that the dreams they want to fulfill with extra, online, “I’m an Internet guru!” money, are possible. They will have a process that with continued effort, will make the leads and the signups and the lists and the “piddly” $25 dollar Empower Network payments coming in staying for the long haul.

And if you had a downline of folks in it for the long haul, making the money they want to make or enough to allow them to believe they will, truly, make, wouldn’t you have the business you only dreamed of?

Get serious. Get in Empower Network Now.

To Your Success,

Hunter Williams

P.S. For another discussion of Empower Network, or an Empower Network Review, visit my blog post here.

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Immunotec Review: A Brief History of the Business

This Immunotec review says that the enterprise has been running for 15 years, and they marketplace well being and wellness merchandise more than the web employing net marketing methods. This seems decent sufficient with regards to the company. The enterprise is originally from Canada, but they operate in other countries throughout the world as well. The corporation is run by James Northrop, Patrick Montpetit, and Dr. Wulf Droge. They all have extensive and impressive backgrounds in enterprise and communications. The organization Immunotec is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association or DSA. The company is solid, and gives probably the most for the people who would like to sell with them and generate a wealth of income for their futures.

Immunotec Review: Product Overview

All of Immunotec products are for mostly nutritional items. They supply immune support, improved overall power levels, enhance the overall properly becoming of an individual, and incorporate antioxidant protection. All of their items have more than 90% protein within them. A good deal of their items are highly rated by way of quite a few organizations, and have been spoken about in journals, articles, and shows throughout the world. All the shoppers are satisfied with the results, but obtaining extra customers may be the challenge that they face. They give weight reduction goods, and meal replacement shakes as well as pills which will assist curb cravings and enhance metabolism. With multi vitamins and skin care merchandise galore there’s a wide range of items for the consumers to look via for something that may like to have.

Immunotec Review:  Compensation Strategy Overview

You’ll be able to absolutely make cash with Immunotec when you function by means of their special compensation plan by putting inside the time and effort to make it happen. There is certainly the selection to earn upfront income, but you’d have to get individual prospects to purchase from you and you have to buy the retailing products as well. When you discover new distributors to promote the business then you’re paid a bonus via the company also as soon as they sign up. You’ve the prospective to construct residual income, and one time bonuses to hit for each and every position that you make in the organization. Once you get precise people today to sponsor the corporation, it is possible to then be paid out for this. All of the compensation positive aspects are excellent alone. This is among the biggest points that are stressed on the Immunotec review. They have plenty of room to grow and expand more than time with more buyers and customers than ever. They’re now spanned across 30 countries, and continue to grow each day so you could be sure that the job marketplace is vast.
Immunotec Review:  The Verdict

Not just could be the organization reputable and trustworthy, but the wonderful job that you simply do all depends upon how you are able to sell items to individual individuals. You need to be able to marketplace these items to the folks that you are about and do a great job at it. Among the large items that they stress once you sign up with them is to get the proper training which might be supplied via the organization. You’ll want to build a productive team, and even find out the way to market through the internet. You should produce a name for your self, and ensure to get oneself on the market and employing MLM is one of the greatest approaches.

Just before you leave this Immunotec scam review it’s a sad recognized reality that 97% of everybody inside the network advertising market won’t see any sort of noticeable outcomes. My guess is, you are trying to find a remedy to marketplace your Immunotec small business on the web without chasing your household and buddies. I recognize, mainly because I didn’t wish to chase my “warm market” either when I was beginning out. The net is really a powerful tool which can greatly assist you in building your MLM small business but only for those who know what you are performing.

RBC Life Review

If you reading this RBC Life Review than it is obvious that you are trying to find out more details about the company.  I am not associated using the company at all.  I wanted to uncover more out data on the company and I decided to put it in a review.  If you are trying to choose on whether you should join the company or not and what you want to do to have success then this is the post for you.  I will cover the company, the compensation plan and what you will want to do to have success in RBC Life.

The History of RBC Life

RBC life was located in 1991 by Clinton Howard.  The company is situated in Dallas, Texas but has open its doors up international and are in 30 different countries.  They’re a well being and wellness network marketing company.  The company was called Royal body Care and Life Sciences.  Their name was changed to RBC life when they became a multilevel marketing company.

The company products are categorized as the following, anti-aging, particular wants, Packs, Healthy Living and energy and fitness.  The company has over 65 products at the time of this post.  Their products main ingredients are from aloe Vera plants.    In the moment, the company has four flagship products that are Neurobright, Micohydrin Plus, I.Q. DHA and Immune 360.

How will you get paid in RBC LIFE?

The company’s compensation plan is based on a binary model.  That indicates that you have a right leg and a left leg to develop.  To get began as an Independent Business Owner expenses only $485 for the business builder package to be eligible for commissions.   You have 5 approaches to earn commission with the company and they’re fast cash, income generator, builders pool, growth pool and team growth.  If you join at the business builder package you can also receive $75 upfront for each and every new recruit and a$25 power bonus that goes down 8 levels deep.

Good results in RBC Life

Right after performing the RBC Life Review, it is obvious that the company is not a scam.  Their doors have been open for 20 years and they’re still growing stronger.  They have wonderful products and a lucrative compensation plan.  Now you are looking for how to have success in RBC Life.  Just before I speak about that I wish to speak about why 95% of people who join the company will fail and it is due to the fact of four reasons.

   1. Lack of training.  The net can be a complex place and if you do not have training on how to tap into warm markets to generate leads employing Social Media, Video Marketing, Write-up marketing FB PPC, Solo Ads and so significantly your competition will dominate you.  You are in competition with other people inside your business and other network marketers.
   2. Lacks of leads – Leads are the lifeline of your business.  If you don’t have targeted traffic, you won’t have any leads and that means that you will not have the opportunity to sponsor new independent business owners into your business.
   3. Lack of cash flow – Your business will suffer if you are not able to bring in cash flow.  You should have a way for you to make use of funded proposals so that you and your team will likely be able to produce money.  This will also help with retention within your team and you won’t have to be concerned about attrition.
   4. No duplication program.  Most people get to a point where they are able to recruit other people into their business but due to the fact they don’t have duplication they shed just as a lot of people as they bring in each and every month.

So to answer to how to have success in RBC Life is to overcome these 4 obstacles that 95% of network marketers face each and each and every day.

In conclusion, RBC Life is a solid company that has been about for the last 20 years.  Your important to success is to be able to jump online and get marketing training, understand how create leads; get your self a program that will be duplicate.  Most important you must find out how to sponsor new IBOs into your RBC Life business.

How to MLMFolks, Other than “running out of leads” the next biggest fear MLMer’s have is presenting their opportunity to the dreaded warm market. The thought of enduring years of Christmases and Family Events with the brother-in-law screaming “Are you a Millionaire yet?” or “How’s that pyramid thing working for ya?” has them trapped into doing nothing. I am here to say that is a misinterpretation of the term warm market.

I will throw this out to you, folks like that, where you have some kind of (in the loosest of terms) intimate relationships are not your warm market, but your hot market. If you take those folks off your list (for now) and focus on those people, slash, acquaintances, where you do not have to vault over the “who is this stranger?” moat, you can build this business.

Because, seriously (even in regards to our newly termed “hot” market) who cares what they think of you?

You are trying to better yourself, provide more for your family, develop a lifestyle, make the world a better place right?

To Your Success,

Hunter D Williams

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How to MLM – Why You Do Nothing, Fraidy Cat

How to MLMLet’s face it one of the lures of Internet Marketing your MLM or Network Marketing business was, or still is, the idea that you can be somewhat removed from the concept of extending out of your comfort zone. Right?

All that “garbage” your way-outta-date upline is blabbering to you about talking to your warm market (yeah right!), getting folks to go to hotel meetings (that went out with 8 track tapes didn’t it?), or striking up conversations in your everyday casual comings and goings (nothing casual here, I bolt to my car, bolt to my office, bolt back to my car [sorry didn’t mean to knock you over], and bolt back home, it’s a military operation), went in one ear, and out the other. We are cool, man, we have the Internet.

Yet here you sit.

Twitter is stupid, you’ll never get me in front of a video camera, I have a personal Facebook page, NO WAY! I’m going to let my friends know I’m doing this thing, blogging twice a month really taps me out. Are these the type of thoughts you are harboring?

I’m going to say yes. I know I’ve had them. I don’t understand Twitter, if you speak with my wife, she will tell you I don’t understand talking either. But Twitter is the 10th most visited site in the world. Weather I understand it or not, Twitter is a tool to a market place, just like the telephone was a tool to the market place you couldn’t drive to in a day, back in the day. Those that learned and adopted to using that tool first had amazing success. I want that success.

But the key then, as it is now, is two words. Learned and adopted.

I’m not sure what we were initially thinking, but I think it had something to do with something we read about the vastness of the internet market and how easy it was to make money…just slap a website together in one day, get a Page 1 ranking in Google shortly after that, buy BMW to take money to the bank.

But it doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

We were a little, okay a lot, mistaken. Somehow we got the idea we could circumvent the requirements of the “old” days. The power and vastness of the internet would some how transform us into dynamos like David Wood or Ray Higdon without going through the process. No dues paying required.

So here we sit, faced with the realization, that the reason we didn’t succeed in Amway, or Shaklee, or any of the “old time” businesses, is still with us. Because it is US.

Seriously, is the marketing concept on the Internet any different than you truly believing in what you have in your hands, and after downing a fifth of Scotch, walking down every isle at your local Walmart and sticking your hand out (and heart too, let’s be honest) to every living, breathing creature that is not faster than you?

And the operative words here are downing a fifth of Scotch.

That’s the metamorphosis, the having done what it takes. The late nights learning a script so you don’t sound like a stuttering bozo when your prospect has the audacity to say “Hello, who is this?”, or reading about Twitter so you can write a series of articles to boost your page ranking, or putting together your first 50 second (is that all?) video, getting around folks that have what you want, seeing how your business has transformed other human beings.

It is the KNOWING that what you have is good, the KNOWING that you have done the work, put in the effort to deserve the good things you want from this Network Marketing business.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

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How Important is Your MLM Blog?

When your friend or that complete stranger showed you that idea that got your pulse racing and your blood pumping, I will venture to say, even in their parting words, they did not say “Don’t forget about setting up your MLM Blog”. I can almost guarantee it. (Mostly, because with most Network Marketing companies, the “big” thing is the MLM Company sponsored Web site).

But that was then, and right now, you’ve exhausted your warm market, your upline, after explaining “THE 3 FOOT RULE” and telling you to get some business cards, has told you they will “see you at the top” and quietly dropped off the face of the earth. But you have a Dream, and in pursuit of that dream you have been actively building your business by surfing the net (man does your mouse clicky finger hurt!).

I am being a little tongue in cheek here, but you’ve been researching the net and without a doubt you have seen people’s MLM blogs all over the place. In fact it looks like they may be a close second to rabbits in their procreation exponential. Your company manual doesn’t mention them and neither did your upline in those brief, fleeting moments when there was actual personal contact. So you ask…

What is and why the heck blog?

At face value, a blog is just a web site, that in a sense makes keeping a diary online very easy. The why blog, at face value, is because you don’t have anything better to do with your time (the business cards haven’t come in yet).

But let me clue you in and give you a little perspective. The big picture, blue sky concept of your MLM blog is it will be the hub of your Network Marketing Empire (simple enough).

Before I go further, let me make a few assumptions. The first is you are SERIOUS about your business. By that I mean you are in for the long haul, you may not be doing it 24/7/365 but, for now, you are doing what you can to get the lead pipeline filled (and that means more than checking the mail box two or three times a day for those business cards).

Second, your Dream is big (even if it is an extra $500 a month). Its like, if I can just get a little something going, the bills will be paid, the wife is coming home, college will be paid for, we can help Mom and Dad, help the church, maybe quit this job. But I need to get something rolling.

Third, you are willing to be a Student and study and learn. You are proving that right now, I know I did not mail this to you. You are willing to admit you don’t know everything or that you haven’t thought of things in a certain way, a Network Marketing way.

With that being said, we also know MLM is simple, it just may not be as easy as falling off a log.

The fact is, in this business, we are all competing for eyeballs. Eyeballs attached to future friends that want a little more. What having a blog does, is it puts you and your business in a position to have a doorway your future friend can enter, because they want to. Not because they were unfortunate enough to need bread and milk right after your business cards came in.

A blog will create a presence that allows people to find you, learn about you and develop a relationship with you. All according to their timeline and desire to continue the relationship. This is all very non-threatening. Much different than that uneasy feeling they get as you spin on your heels with a great big smile and start walking towards them in the Fruits and Vegetable aisle.

So in effect your MLM blog is establishing a perception about you in the online world. You are knowledgeable, you are approachable, you are organized, and you are consistent, you are someone they want to learn from or do business with.

The key about the above perception is that over time your blogs will demonstrate a deep understanding of what you speak about. You will be providing opportunities to “close” the deal with optins, free offers of your expertise, etc. You will appear organized because as you develop your online presence with articles, social networking sites, tweets, Facebook posts, Forum discussions, all your offers to close will lead the prospect back to your MLM Blog.

The most important part of this perception created by your MLM Blog is consistency. It is the foundation from which your business success with spring and grow. It is consistency or the lack thereof which will determine how your network marketing business will fare as well.

From the blogging perspective, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. How much would you want to work with or do business with someone, who every once in awhile, occasionally, every 4 to 6 months looks like they think about what they say they are doing? How much would that desire increase if they did it monthly? Weekly?

Now what if they did it every day?

What a foundation to build a business relationship upon.

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