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7 Minute Workout no 7 Minute Workout Scam Here

7 Minute Workout can it get any easier than that? Now combine it with the fact it is founded by Joel Therien and Chris Reid it would seem this program should not only have you looking good in 7 Minutes but your wallet as well. I mean have you seen the guns on Joel?

7 Minute Workout – Solid Foundation

Another great thing going for 7 Minute Workout is Joel Therien. Not only is Joel one of the founders but he competed in Bodybuiling, and, oh yeah, he was a driving force behing GVO, a webhosting, web conferencing Multilevel Marketing business. GVO offers great low prices on hosting and other assorted online business/marketing services as well as offering the income potential of a network marketing business.

7 Minute Workout – Some History

7 Minute Workout was kicked off in June 2011. It offers packages of fitness and weight-loss products for folks of every age, size, and fitness level. It sells these packages through a multi-tier affiliate system. The great thing about 7 Minute Workout is a workout regimen that can be completed in, get this…7 minutes a day. Something anybody can do 2-3 days per week.

Members have online access to 7 Minute Workout's tracking system for weight and body measurements, a food tracker based on their proprietary weight loss formula, and a social media system that is focused on health and fitness and engaging its members.

7 Minute Workout – Enrollment Options

For $24.97 a month a person can join the 7 Minute Workout Fitness Program as a customer. Those members wishing to become an Affiliate with the opportunity to earn commissions on sales and referrals need to pay a one-time fee of $149.97 as well as the $24.97 per month.

7 Minute Workout – Compensation Plan

7 Minute Workout has a binary multi-tier compensation plan. Affiliates are paid fast start bonuses for personal referrals and the referrals of their downline. Team cycle bonuses are paid on a 4/2 split. Affiliates must maintain their membership at $24.97 in order to remain active and earn commissions.

7 Minute Workout – How's it doing in the market place

7 Minute Workout's position in's index ranks them at 273 out of 725 home businesses that they actively track in their database. This is's public interest database which compares an MLM company against all other MLM companies and home based businesses in their current business profile. The other positive thing going for it is over the last 6 months 7 Minute Workout has seen a 52% Gain in this internet popularity.

7 Minute Workout – How do YOU work this Plan?

So there you have it, the company sounds fine, has in demand products, and has a good compensation plan. But there is one catch with the money. If you are honest, you may like the idea of getting guns like Joel's but you like the idea of making money even more.

I mean if you are slaving away all day you certainly aren't showing off you 7 Minute Workout  body at the beach, right? And to do that you know as well as I do, the big time "pump you up"  income stream and residual income stream come from recruiting.

There is no doubt, with the current internet traffic for product related searches, you could create and generate a very good retail business, but if I am not wrong about you, you are looking for the big, long term, and residual income streams.

The say good-bye to the boss income streams.

To do that you are going to need a steady stream of prospects.

Two common mistakes of network marketers is the belief that the products are so fantastic they will sell themselves and that friends, family, and strangers on the street will be as enthusiastic about both the product and opportunity as them.

If you’re involved with the 7 Minute Workout, or if you’re considering becoming involved with 7 Minute Workout to make a few bucks on the side or because you have a passion for healthy living, great!

However if you’re getting involved with this company to make a full time substantial income in network marketing or direct sales you must understand principles of marketing and attraction. And you must recruit BUSINESS BUILDERS and serious entrepreneurs NOT just product customers.

What if I could show you how to create a steady stream of ambitious people (like yourself) actually chasing you down, asking you for your time, asking to join YOUR organization?






If you really want to be profitable in 7 Minute Workout, you’ll need to fully grasp how to CRUSH On-line lead generation. Have a look at the online marketing system I use to get 15-29 FREE leads on a daily basis PLUS earn money from individuals who don’t enroll in my primary business.






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