Gano Excel Scam

Gano Excel Scam - Brewing Up Problems or Great Futures?

Why does this always seem to happen: You get really excited about something that looks good and then when you do some research and the word scam pops up, like Gano Excel Scam? So you get that sinking feeling in your stomach and, and…STOP. But, please continue to discover what I have found out about the so called Gano Excel Scam in doing my due diligence that may make everything all right.

Gano Excel Scam – Let’s look at the Company

Gano Excel has been in business since 1995. It was founded in Malaysia and now has a business presence in over 100 countries servicing about 5 million plus, customers. Since their start in Malaysia they have started a RM 10 Million manufacturing plant. In the US they have acquired around 42,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. The products are certified by a large number of organizations (here is a small sample, Drug Control Authority, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Australia Quarantine & Inspection Service, USM Innovation & Consultancy Centre, Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Singapore Productivity and Standards Board, and the Better Business Bureau).

The “Gano Excel scam” claims are not true and may have possibly stemmed from some rough patches while growing into the US in the 2007 to 2008 time frame as well as some complaints from the FDA about product claims. From reading various literature any of the growth problems (and these are usually normal) have been fixed.

Gano Excel Scam – Unfounded, so what’s the real story?

Gano Excel is an INTERNATIONAL MLM/Network Marketing company in the health products, food supplements, skin care and products for the home industry. Some of their varied products are Gano Garcinia capsules, Sakanno and Ganoderma capsules, and Excellium capsules. As is typical with a Direct Sales/MLM company the products are only sold through Gano Excel distributors, which is what allows the distributors to make money.

GanoCafe, the retail coffee brand of Gano Excel has been leading an evolution in the company and coffee since 1995. Gano Excel has been committed to finding the perfect brew as not only a way of sharing a personal journey of bringing a superior cup of coffee to the market place, but one that will energize, revitalize, harmonize and socialize.

Gano Excel experienced a bit of an evolution basically starting with its GanoCafe brand of retail coffee. This has lead to the enriching of everyday products with herbal ingredients to provide better wellness through daily usage. The key to setting Gano Excel apart from all the other health food and supplement “noise” is their “magical,” natural ingredient Ganoderma Lucidum (at least to Gano Excel folks). It is also known as Reishi, yeongji and Lingzhi, and Gano Excel has pioneered and is considered one of the foremost experts on the benefits of the herb.

Gano Excel Scam – Maybe its in the Money?

There are 4 ways to get involved with Gano Excel:

Affiliate – $25 fee, no product inventory

ESP-1 (Executive Sale Pack) – $195 and product inventory

ESP-2 – $495 and product inventory

ESP-3 – $995 and product inventory

Gano Excel has the typical MLM income streams, Retail profit (less wholesale costs), Fast Start bonuses for recruitment and customer gathering, Progressive Team Commissions, Executive Check Matching, and Pool Bonus. These last three are based on the level the distributor has purchased as well as the level the recruited distributor buys in at.

The whole team volume aspect is organized in what is know as a binary plan. The distributor has a “Success” Team (the first two sponsored by the distributor) and a “Power” team which is where a majority of the revenues will come from. There is nothing here to scream Gano Exel scam as buying into a particular level and being organized as a binary compenstation plan is not uncommon in the MLM industry.

Gano Excel Scam – Again, not based on Market Reaction

To further augment this research, What you may not be aware of is how the market is reacting to Gano Excel. To let you know, there are MLM and Network Marketing Industry tracking websites. A couple of these and track how various MLM companies are doing against other companies as well as gather month-to-month metrics.

Gano Excel has been gaining momentum, these last few months. has Gano Excel ranked at 43 of 683 in their index of home businesses actively tracked in their database. And in the last month interest in Gano Excel has risen 225% putting it at #1 in the Top 10 of the “Top Gainers this Month”. So you definitely have momentum going for you in a big way.

Gano Excel Scam – There is none…But how do YOU work the business?

Like all MLM and Network Marketing businesses, the real key to your success once you have found a solid company with a proven track record (like Gano Excel) is getting to the “Big” money. And, no two ways about it, the big money way means finding like minded folks who are ambitious (like you) who are not afraid of working smart.

But how are YOU going to make it work? How are you going to build this business into something that can let you finally tell your boss good bye? Get that relief from the more month than money stress?

You know that regardless of how great the company is and how amazing the health products are, your success with Gano Excel is going to come down to your ability to market and expose qualified prospects to the business.

The majority of network marketing companies offer very little real world marketing training outside of the old adage, “Go make a warm list of your family and friends.”

Gano Excel – What YOU really need to do

This does not mean that Gano Excel is not a great company or that Gano Excel offerings are not great products. But two common mistakes of network marketers is the belief that the products are so fantastic they will sell themselves and that friends, family, and strangers on the street will be as enthusiastic about both the product and opportunity as them.

If you’re involved with Gano Excel, or if you’re considering becoming involved with Gano Excel to make a few bucks on the side or because you have a passion for healthy coffee, hot chocolate, or the other Gano Excel products great!

However if you’re getting involved with this company to make a full time substantial income in network marketing or direct sales you must understand principles of marketing and attraction. And you must recruit BUSINESS BUILDERS and serious entrepreneurs NOT just product customers.

What if I could show you how to create a steady stream of ambitious people (like yourself) actually chasing you down, asking you for your time, asking to join YOUR organization?

Would it be worth your name and email address to see how we can do that?

If you really want to be profitable in Gano Excel, you’ll need to fully grasp how to CRUSH On-line lead generation. Have a look at the online marketing system I use to get 15-29 FREE leads on a daily basis PLUS earn money from individuals who don’t enroll in my primary business.

I hope you enjoyed this Gano Excel scam investigation.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

Hunter’s MLM Playbook

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