Empower NetworkThere should be much rejoicing and celebrating in the Network Marketing, MLM world this week because of Empower Network.

The Pyramid Scheme Is Dead

And Empower Network Killed It

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Surely old school MLMers will join Empower Network in droves, if for no other reason than to be able to say what they have wanted to say for years…

“No, you idiot, it is not a Pyramid. There is nobody above you getting a cut of everything you do. And yes I can make more than the shysters (sorry Dave and Dave) that started the business, you idiot.”

There it is folks, no more Is this a Pyramid thing? or Is this one of those Pyramid things? or Is this one of those things where you get in and recruit a whole bunch of people to work for you? or Do I have to get people under me?

Have I jumped the gun a little? Well, maybe a little, there are still the many hundreds of viable, honorable, decent MLM business models out there. And it is perfectly okay that they are organized the way they are. It is just that Empower Network has broken a mold and established a new business model that will rock the Affiliate, Multilevel and Network Marketing world.

Empower Network – Show me the Money

To get everyone on the same page…(shameless, in good humor plug go here) Empower Network right now has two residual income producing products and two one time purchase products in its product line right now.

The two residual income producing products are the Empower Network Basic Membership for $25 a month and the Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’ Membership for $100 a month. The one time costs products are the $3000 Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive for a one time fee of $500 and the “The $15K Per Month Formula” for $47. These are the products everyone involved has the rights to sell.

Empower Network – The Pay Process

The pay process or the Non-Pyramid goes like this. And there are two points to it. When you sell something, depending on what product purchase level you are at, the money up to your personal product purchase goes 100% to you. Any “overflow” goes to your sponsor. To explain a little more in detail, if you have only purchased the Empower Network Basic Membership ($25) and you sell a Basic ($25) and an Inner Circle Membership ($100), you get 100% of the Empower Network Basic Membership fee and the $100 from the Inner Circle goes to your sponsor or the next person up your sponsorship line that has bought in at the Inner Circle level. The same thing with the one time phat fee of $500 for the Costa Rica Mastermind. Pretty fair and pretty motivational to boot you would have to agree.

Empower Network – The “Non-Pyramid”

The Empower Network pay structure works this way, initially the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and then every 5th sale goes to your sponsor. That is one level up. Now the pay process is the same. If both you and your sponsor are at the $25 Basic Membership level and on your second sale you sell a Basic, an Inner Circle, and say the Costa Rica products, your sponsor will get the $25. The $100 and $500 will “float” up that sponsorship line to the first person who has bought in at the $100 and then $500 levels (they can but don’t have to be the same person).

The key here for you Pyramid Alert folks is that the people above you do not get a piece of everything you sell. And because it is up to the individual member, they can determine how much sales gets passed over them.

So there you have it, one dead Pyramid.

Folks if you have not seen this thing explained in its entirety you are truly missing out on an opportunity to see the power of this thing.

Do yourself a big favor.

Go to Empower Network right now.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams


This originally appeared in my blog: Empower Network – Death of the Pyramid Scheme.

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