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Alivamax Worldwide Gaining Momentum

Welcome to this Alivamax review. Congratulations on doing your due diligence but mostly congratulations on having the guts to at least look at something that might help you create more income or whatever for yourself. What follows is an unbiased, 3rd party Alivamax Review of the product and business opportunity.

If you will allow me, I will also interject some interesting findings of my other research into the company and my insights into the MLM/Network Marketing Industry and what it will take for you to flourish in the Alivamax opportunity as well.

Alivamax Review – The Company

Alivamax or Alivamax Worldwide (as it is also known as) was originally launched by Mark J. Sain and Jerry Ricks in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2009. Mark Sain is currently the Managing Director. Previously, Mark was the founder and CEO of USP Communications, which some of you more “mature” readers may know as U.S. Payphone. There are several other leaders mentioned on their website; Frank Suitter who appears to be very, very well connected in the political area, having been the Chairman of Utah’s Republican Party in 2004, Dr. Dinesh Patel,and Brian Hymel.

Alivamax Review – The Products

Alivamax Worldwide currently offers products related to the Health and Energy market. They have 7 basic products, Enerjetics, hCG Diet, Trim Capsules, Fountain of Youth, Hydracell, Wrinkle Free Serum, and Jackie Chan’s XGT. The industry is very competitive but the niche Alivamax is targeting aging Baby Boomers which is the new frontier for many markets.

The products can be ordered online so it is not necessary to stock them. When I investigated the demand for some of their products, I found if you Google hCG Diet, and hCG Drops there are 301,000 and 74,000 monthly searches.

Alivamax Review – The Compensation Plan

There are three membership plans that make the compensation plan run. All three are free, there are just monthly purchase amounts required to qualify at a certain level.

Preferred Customer Club – No monthly purchase required and comes with the ability to purchase at wholesale prices. There are no other income related awards at this level.

Members Club – $19.99 monthly purchase required and comes with the wholesale purchasing privileges as well as a free website with 24/7 shopping capabilities. There are more rewards to be earned at this level.

Members Plus Club – $300.00 monthly purchase required. This level is where they would like most folks and it is at this level where the big compensation comes into play. At this level a distributor gets better wholesale prices as well as the free web site.

The big money compensation plan is a “n by 3” matrix, for lack of a better term. The jist of the plan is you can derive income from 3 levels down as wide as you want to grow your business. It essentially pays you $62.50 per person in your organization down to the 3rd level and as far wide as you build your business.

Alivamax Review – The Marketing and Market Response

Alivamax Worldwide offers much of the traditional network market training via conference calls and regional meetings. In addition, their website,, offers numerous documents, videos, marketing aids, presentations, 800 number plans, phone scripts, newspaper ad secrets, road signs, sizzle cards, business cards, and post cards.

To further augment this research, What you may not be aware of is how the market is reacting to Alivamax. To let you know, there are MLM and Network Marketing Industry tracking websites. A couple of these and track how various MLM companies are doing against other companies as well as gather month-to-month metrics.

Alivamax has been gaining momentum, these last few months. has Alivamax ranked at 106 of 683 in their index of home businesses actively tracked in their database. And in the last month interest in Alivamax has risen 107% putting it at #2 in the Top 10 of the “Top Gainers this Month”. So you definitely have momentum going for you in a big way.

Alivamax Review – How do YOU make it work?

But how are YOU going to make it work? How are you going to build this business into something that can let you finally tell your boss good bye? Get that relief from the more month than money stress?

You know that regardless of how great the company is and how amazing the health products are, your success with Alivamax is going to come down to your ability to market and expose qualified prospects to the business.

The majority of network marketing companies offer very little real world marketing training outside of the old adage, “Go make a warm list of your family and friends.” In fact, as I pointed out previously, all the training materials Alivamax has, are geared to that business model.

This does not mean that Alivamax Worldwide is not a great company or that Alivamax offerings are not great products. But two common mistakes of network marketers is the belief that the products are so fantastic they will sell themselves and that friends, family, and strangers on the street will be as enthusiastic about both the product and opportunity as them.

If you’re involved with Alivamax, or if you’re considering becoming involved with Alivamax to make a few bucks on the side or because you have a passion for healthy green tea, hCG Diets, or the other Alivamax products great!

However if you’re getting involved with this company to make a full time substantial income in network marketing or direct sales you must understand principles of marketing and attraction. And you must recruit BUSINESS BUILDERS and serious entrepreneurs NOT just product customers.

What if I could show you how to create a steady stream of ambitious people (like yourself) actually chasing you down, asking you for your time, asking to join YOUR organization?

Would it be worth your name and email address to see how we can do that?

If you really want to be profitable in Alivamax, you’ll need to fully grasp how to CRUSH On-line lead generation. Have a look at the online marketing system I use to get 15-29 FREE leads on a daily basis PLUS earn money from individuals who don’t enroll in my primary business.

I hope you enjoyed this Alivamax Review.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

To your Success,

Hunter D Williams

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