Empower NetworkWith the entry of Empower Network into the market place many folks are wondering if it is better than MLSP. MLSP is the Internet Marketing program that makes available MLM and Network Marketing training as well as providing ready made squeeze pages and “marketing campaigns” for its members. MLSP is extremely useful for developing and learning the concept of attraction marketing.
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Empower Network vs. MLSP – Is one better than the other?

You have no doubt seen the online advertizing for both Empower Network and MLSP and, in your quest for knowledge, you may be thinking they both deal with attraction marketing so they must be competing against each other in the same space, therefore, one has to be better than the other and you will have to chose between Empower Network and MLSP. I would like to caution you about that kind of thinking. From where I am standing that would be like trying to determine what is a better article marketing software program, The Best Spinner or Article Marketing Robot.

Empower Network vs. MLSP analogous to The Best Spinner vs. Article Marketing Robot?

Before I continue my thought, for those of you who are not familiar with the products, The Best Spinner is Article Spinning software that geared toward spinning an article very intelligently, quickly and concisely. That is all it does and (as I use it myself) it is probably the best in the business at that.

Article Marketing Robot (AMR) has spinning software as well, however, its real power is its ability to spin articles and submit them to many thousands of article based sites for backlinks. Could you spin an article in AMR? Yes. Can you do it as well and with as many possible combinations as The Best Spinner? No. Can you use AMR’s Article Spinner to spin articles? Yes.

The point I am trying to make here is that depending on what you want to do with Article Marketing, these two products compliment each other not so much as cancel each other out.

The Same with Empower Network and MLSP

The crux of the matter is that both Empower Network and MLSP are tools to be used in the attraction marketing niche to create additional profit lines as a distributor/affiliate learns about marketing to attract potential distributors/downline into their primary business.

What I have been telling the folks about the two programs is this: given this operating environment, a new person (aka newbie) with little to no knowledge about marketing on the internet, not yet knowing that “free leads” in most cases means “long time to get”, has to weigh the time vs money equation in their particular situation.

The bottom line is that the sooner some one new or someone in your downline (for those with a little more time in the trenches) is making money on a recurring basis the better it is for everyone involved.

I will also tell them in the most general terms; Empower Network lets someone plug into a Sales Funnel at a very reasonable price point, $25, with a little more “hands off” technique. With that buy in they side step some of the time requirements they would need to endure to get to the point of offering a “product” or affiliate program on their own.

They don’t need to know about some of the more technical aspects of the business, they are essentially just doing this “Blog Daily, Tell Others, Make Money”. They can get their internet marketing training, apply those concepts and actions towards the Empower Network offering and start creating an Empower Network cash flow.

MLSP what it brings to the Table

MLSP is a little more hands on. Which is not a bad thing. As a responsible business owner, especially in the internet marketing arena, you should want to know how some of the more technical things work. MLSP has fantastic trainings to help your distributor understand the various types of marketing. MLSP also has the tools and building blocks to create your own sales funnels with the ability to access them from your own hosting account and domain names. Which is essential, especially the domain name. And of course, there is also the capability to earn affiliate sales income with the MLSP offering.

Where Empower Network seems to do everything for you, MLSP will explain and provide the building blocks so you can “build your own Online Store”.

They are both good things. They will both teach a person what to do. They will both provide some income.

Click this for Empower Network Info.

Click this for MLSP Info.

To Your Success,

Hunter Williams


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