Google+ Primer Is Twitter the Next Victim?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Social Networking, Web 2.0, and now Google+…does this ever end? One more entrée on a plate that is already overflowing. Why in the world do I need to know anything about Google+?

Google+ – What’s the Big Deal?

Good question. You might want to know about Google+ the same way you probably should have known about Facebook, Twitter, heck, texting…it is where your market is moving. Now you may say the verdict is still out on Google+, but let me fill you in on some preliminary observations.

Some folks think Google+ will quickly replace Twitter, because it provides an easier way to manage and communicate with friends, family and colleagues.

And then some other folks believe that Google+ will become a valuable addition to furthering their personal connections, and for marketers, it offers a whole new way of reaching out and networking with other entrepreneurs in their market.

Within just a few weeks of its beta launch, Google+ amassed more than 12
million users, and there are over a billion pieces of content being posted throughout Google+ every single day.

The other thing you may want to keep in the back of your mind, is that Google+ is owned by…Google. With the competition for your search and social networking business so intense, the various experts are expecting Google to put its considerable knowledge and money behind making Google+ a success. My thinking here is that success means “Number 1” for however you can classify the Twitter/Facebook/MySpace niche.

Google+ – What it Has to Proove

Again, the thing with Google+ will ultimately come down to how useful a tool it is for doing those Twitter/Facebook kind of things to get folks to start using it and how much better a tool or meeting place it is to get Twitter and (to some extent) Facebook users to switch.

Google+ has a simple foundation that makes it extremely versatile. As opposed to adding contacts/friends into a single community, with Google+, you can segment your contacts into what is known in Google+ as “circles”. You can have as many circles as you desire and a great thing about them is they are kept private. This way a contact doesn’t see how you have classified them, they just see that you have added them.

When you first join Google+, you may want to create a few circles, categorizing each one based on the type of contact a person is. For example, Friends, Customers, Network Marketers, etc.

The great thing here is by creating these different circles for each group of your contacts, you can post content and/or updates that address a particular audience and share them only with those groups, or circles, that they pertain to. You can’t easily do that in Facebook and Twitter.

Google+ – How to Get Started

To get to Google+, visit , or if you are logged into
an existing gmail account, you will see the option to connect at the top left
corner of your email administration page.

You can also access Google+ through the menu items on the top right
hand of your gmail account, and here are some other URL’s you can use: (leads directly to your Google+ profile page if you have an existing account)

Please realize that when you create your Google+ account, you are going to have to user your real name and photo. FYI, Google prohibits the use of fictional names, aliases, and images that misrepresent who you are. So you will have to say good bye to the avatars, stock photos and mascots.

As it stands now, Google is planning to roll out a business oriented segment of the Google+ social community. When this feature is fully functional, you will be able to create accounts in your business name, or other registered names and
trademarks that you use.

As you grow your circles and are included in other’s circles, when you receive a new alert or notification, such as someone posting a comment or update, the notification box will appear in red, along with the number of updates that have taken place. This makes it very easy for you to stay on top of new alerts and updates from within your gmail account.

This is the first of I don’t know how many articles to get you familiar with this new thing called Google+.

And hopefully both of us can be in front of a big wave that once again changes how we do business on the Internet.

To Your Success,

Hunter Williams

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